Privacy and Security Policy

Announcement of personal privacy and information security

Welcome to visit iTaichung website!In order to safeguard your personal information when you are using the website services. Here are the contents of the Website Privacy and Security Policy as follows:

Personal information collection and application
When you subscribe the newsletter or any other service, we would preserve your communication records for the related contact based on the information you provided.
The website is in compliance with the Personal Information Protection Act and will protect the users’ privacy security and personal right. We will keep all the personal information of users confidential. However, it would be exempted when it is authorized by the users based on the related regulations for the investigation conducted by the institutes of the justice, protecting the public benefit or securing the legal right and benefits of the website.

Data security and protection
The server is installed and equipped with firewall and cyber-attack detection system to prevent any illegal attack, destruction or theft and prohibit illegal access to any unauthorized information for any purpose.

Important notices
Please secure your personal information carefully and do not provide your personal information to the third party. Please do remember to log out before you leaving any service page logged in and keep your personal information confidential.

Self-protection approaches
When you visit the website and start to use the services, it is regarded as you would agree all the terms and provisions for personal privacy and information security in addition to the legal rights of copyright, publication, trademark, intellectual property and privacy announced on the website.